Traveling by India Railway


Lakhs tourists in India travel by train every day. Traveling with class 1 and 2 air conditioners on nearly equivalent trains flying by air to any domestic destination. Although the distance traveled by airlines is much lower than the train, but many consider the train to be a more comfortable mode of transportation and not troublesome. The Indian railway reservation process is also easy to do; You can visit the company’s website and place an order made or visit the same travel portal. Right from viewing the train list to get your PNR status, you have access to do the same on the Indian Railway company website.

In 1853 trains were first introduced in India by the British. The forty-two railway system that existed at the time of Indian independence was nationalized as a unit in 1951. Today, the Indian Railway is the fourth largest railway network in the world after the United States, Russia and China. Compared to other trains around the world, fares for Indian Railway reservations are among the cheapest. Even major recessions affecting the tourism and transport sectors (including other sectors) also raise airline tickets does not affect India Railway reservation rates. Alternately, tariffs are lowered in several categories.

If you have made a reservation at Indian Railways but have not received confirmation of the seat allotment, you do not need to visit the train counter later to see if the seat is confirmed or not. Just sign in to India Railway site and enter PNR status. Once you enter the details, ie the train number, etc. you will instantly get the PNR status. Generally, for unconfirmed seats, the confirmation will be displayed a few hours before the train schedule departs.

If you have a plan on a railroad vacation, why not travel with luxury trains at the same time Check Live train Running Status. An Indian train ticket can also be purchased at the travel portal.

To find out which train covers which destination, take a quick look at the list of trains. The train list chart will be displayed on the Indian Railway company website with browser benefits. Getting an Indian Railway reservation is done in just a few minutes!