Overcome Fear of Flying


Fear of Flying

Hello, I am Rena. This article is about the fear of flying and my way how I have overcome this fear. At the end you will see that the flight anxiety can be overcome with simple practices.

For years I have suffered from fear of flying. Earlier I have flown with pleasure and have always been glad to get to know new, distant places.

Then, however, I had several disagreeable experiences during the flights. So, for example, strong turbulence, airplane sank and an awful landing. During the following flights I had panic attacks with sweat outbreaks, quick respiration and shivering.

Sensational news about plane crashes in the media, have contributed, in addition, to the fact that I have not dared any more in an airplane. But the wanderlust did not let go me any more.

I absolutely wanted to overcome my flight anxiety. I have researched on the Internet and have read many books about fear of flying.

The statistics which prove that airplanes are the surest means of transportation could not persuade me. But I learned that the fear of Flying is an anxiety wich is learned and is triggered by a stimulus.

These can be situations, objects, actions or people who release this stimulus. Also the missing trust in the airplane technology can be triggering fear. Therefore I have informed me about the technology of airplanes. This knowledge helped me very much to understand the processes and noises during a flight.

Because fear always leads to physical strain and raised heartbeat, I learnt several breath and relaxation methods. For it there are many possibilities, for example Yoga, Pilates, Meditation and many others. Very helpful for stress reduction is the progressive muscle relaxation in combination with a breathing exercise.


On my homepage I have put together an exercise from progressive muscle relaxation and breath practise which functions in stress situations wonderfully. Nevertheless, all this was not sufficient for me to book a flight. I really needed one more method which converts my negative thoughts in terms of flying, into positive thoughts.

So I dealt with coping methods which can dissolve flight anxiety. And there are several proven methods against flight anxiety which can dissolve the fear within short time. Some can be learnt from books or digital media. Other requires an education to apply them. These can be learnt in Coaching courses. I have found a course which combines several methods with hypnosis. And I have applied the methods contained in it and the hypnosis during one week.

Then, finally, with this methods I could dissolve my flight anxiety. The way thither and the possibilities, how everybody itself can overcome his fear of flying, I have described on my website. I am overhappy now to jump without fear in an airplane and to fly relaxed. All, who have fear of flying, I would like to tell that flight anxiety was learned. With simple methods the flight anxiety can be dissolved.