Moving to Southern Europe from the North


Life in Northern Europe can be a stark contrast from life in Southern Europe, the weather for instance the North gets a lot more rain and is markedly colder. This type of weather limits you’re outside living opportunities even in the summer there’s no guarantee of long lasting sunshine. You will get more lush green countryside in the North but this for many does not compensate for cold damp weather.


For many years there has been a steady flow of Northern Europeans heading south for that almost all year round sunshine and much warmer climate. Arguably the main destination for these sun seekers is the Mediterranean coastline of Spain and France. The ease of relocating to these destinations makes it a realistic prospect for many.


There is a survey being conducted by the University of Manchester into the relationship between warm and cold climates and arthritis. Many will relocate to warmer climes forthe healthier effect warm weather can have easing the pain of arthritis. There is also the famous Mediterranean diet of fresh fruit and veg combined with olive oil.

The biggest majority of UK expats are living on the Spanish Mediterranean coastline. Thenumber of British in Spain is a difficult to put a figure on because a largenumber will not be registered residents. Then if you take into account other EU countries like Germany, Holland, Belgium and the Scandinavians these are big numbers of expats living in Spain.

The downside to relocating to Spainis obviously the distance from your native home, from love ones family and friends and then there is the logistical difficulties of getting your household belongings moved across Europe. A number of people choose to sell everything and just take a few select items and lots will pack up their whole home and move it all to Spain. Eitherway you choose this is not a taskto do yourself as it really is physically hard and the logistics of transporting all your goods is not to be taken lightly. So how do you choose a removal company to help?

I would choose a reliable company that as great online reviews from previous customers and also check Spanish information forums.This is a good way to gauge whether the company has got the necessary professionalism to conduct your move to a high standard. They must have all the relevant insurance cover in case that matches your needs.Finally never book with a company that can only be contacted by mobile telephone and always get there registered business address.


Nicks Removals are one of the companies that do removals to Spain form all over the UK with routes direct to the Algarve through France and Spain. They even have a base on the Costa del Sol, and travel to Barcelona, Madrid and Marbella on each of our runs to Spain. sosmartinfotech .cf