Keeping up with school while on Vacation

This summer’s travel plan was a week in Los Angeles in California. We planned to visit the Getty Museum and the mandatory kids stop at Disneyland. I’ve always had an uneasy feeling about time out of school. Research has shown that kids that attend academic programs in summer do better in school. In fact, some school districts are pushing for more school days. I like to balance these things out, after all “All work and no play make Jack a dull boy”
So we do have vacations and try to be a normal family. Additionally, overthe years we have implemented a workbook program in summer.A typical session in past years would involve me reading through the day’s topic, explaining it and then let my kids at the worksheet. Once done, I would check the sheet for corrections. This gets hard. Kids would take breaks often, lots of un-avoidable distractions. Having to discipline kids about worksheets, despite everything else like brush your hair, etc. adds to the tension in our relationship.


This summer my husband said, “there must be an app for that”. Honestly, I was secretly hoping to have an app that would take out the drudge of checking, explaining the topics in 5th grade. I looked up the app store and tried a few.  Qwiz.Me was one app that we realized fits our wish list. It’s afree self study app and did not have features behind paywalls. In past summers, we would purchase Common Core workbooks,, and QWiz.Me has content for Common Core. This on my smart phone – its so convenient.


My 5th grader was actually solving quizzes while waiting in line for a ride in Disney land.  If she got stuck on a topic like Common Core Math, she could click away to watch tutorials on YouTube from Khan Academy and others on that specific topic. At the end of the day, I could use the app to view reports on progress, effort, etc. Topics she was good at, she quickly skipped through. Harder ones, she solved more quizzes. They app automatically detects proficiency and skips to higher levels. On a workbook, this needed me to get involved. We are living the future. You can see a full set of features on their site


My holidaysare so much better having delegated this to my smartphone. I think this is a handy app for any parent.  In fact, I plan to show it to her teacher a the start of the school year. It has a classroom feature, so the quizzes and tutorials line up with the teachers schedule.  And chat rooms for the class.