Introducing SUITABLE, The Weekender Bag That Keeps Suits Wrinkle-Free

Designed in Italy, crafted in Germany

Hamburg, Germany, July 2, 2017 – Have you ever experienced the hassle of transporting a wrinkle-free suit? The preferred solution usually is a garment bag, but it leaves the user with at least one additional bag. To make matters worse, this additional bag can count as a traveler’s sole carry-on bag, forcing the traveler to pay to check additional luggage. Today a product named SUITABLE by ELGNT is here to fix this struggle.

 SUITABLE is a premium men’s weekender bag made of high-quality Italian leather that combines the spacious features of a common weekender bag with a safe and wrinkle-free garment bag. The product was initially designed for businessmen who need to transport a wrinkle-free suit, but it has proved to be the perfect carry-on for romantic getaways with your spouse, a friend’s wedding, interviews, or simply convenient suit-storage for those who need to change after work.

 When asked about his motivations for creating SUITABLE, David Salomon, co-founder of ELGNT commented, “I remember the hassle of transporting a spare suit during my business travels. A garment bag meant carrying an extra bag and placing the suit inside my small suitcase often resulted in unwanted wrinkles. At that time, I was looking for a solution which allowed an easy and wrinkle-free transportation of a spare suit. Since I couldn’t find anything suitable on the market, I decided to fill that gap, and now we have a simple and elegant, hand luggage-sized solution.”

 As for the bag itself, Crafted out of a total of fifteen different leather parts, 1.2 square meters of lining, and eleven metal parts, SUITABLE will retail at EUR 489. However, the first batch of SUITABLES is available for pre-order now at a substantial discount through a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign, starting at EUR 249 while supplies last. The campaign will go online on June 28, 2017, and run until July 28, 2017.

 Funds from the campaign will go towards the production of at least 200 SUITABLES to help ELGNT get on its feet after funding development of several prototypes and production samples, paying external designers, and traveling to fine Italian leather supplier. Should the Kickstarter campaign succeed, investors are already lined up and ready to guarantee sufficient post-campaign funding.

 About ELGNT:

ELGNT was officially founded in 2017 by David Salomon and Marc Siefert, but the idea for the SUITABLE originated in 2015 due to David’s professional background in advisory which required occasional business travel. A year later, the two of them formed a core team of three people, and in October 2016, the first prototype was created. Today the company is proud to have partnered with a family-operated leather supplier in Naples, Italy to produce production samples and is ready to go to market. ELGNT is committed to high-quality, simplicity, and elegance in all of their products, which is why the SUITABLE will be made of premium Italian leather with production in Germany, minimizing environmental impact and guaranteeing high-quality.

 To learn more visit the Kickstarter campaign page. sosmartinfotech .cf