A premier kayaking tour destination is in Sarasota Florida


One of the great benefits of taking a trip to the Gulf Coast of Florida is being able to soak up the tropical weather and atmosphere. You feel as though you are on your own tropical island, with white sand beaches and palm trees dotting the Florida coastline. One piece of nature that is commonly found in Florida is the mangroves trees and they grow in some rather unexpected locations. These fantastic looking plants create a majestic forest of canopy branches and trails.  Which makes Mangrove Tunnel Kayak Tours one of the top things to do in Southwest Florida.

 A premier kayaking tour destination is in Sarasota Florida.  Which is located at the South Lido mangrove trail.  Numerous outfitters run kayaking trips out this world-renowned location.  Seashore Eco Tours offers kayaking adventures with a Florida Master Naturalist.  Their experienced and certified tour guides educate you on the native coastal wildlife of Southwest Florida.

Mangroves are able to survive thanks to the warm waters found in the Gulf of Mexico, and because of the temperate winters that are experienced in most parts of Florida. There are three different types of mangrove trees commonly found in Gulf Coast Florida. Each of which have been named after the color of their root and bark. The White Mangrove is typically found in coastal upland habitats close to areas of open water.  Whereas the Red Mangrove thrives close to the shoreline. The Black Mangrove may very well be the sturdies of the three, as it can grow back from the roots. Even after it has been killed off by a particularly harsh winter.

What may come as a surprise to many is that roughly 90% of all mangroves are found in the southern part of Florida and occupy as much as 500,000 acres. Laws protect mangroves as they provide habitat for birds, fish and invertebrates.  These laws protect the coastal ecosystem in the Florida area.

Kayaking in mangrove tunnels in Everglades National park, Florida, USA

The coastal ecosystem includes birds, fish and wildlife. Which is why the mangrove is such an important part of the Gulf Coast region. This is an area that relies heavily in the tourist trade, with many people coming to soak in the wildlife as well as the sea, sun and sand. Just a few of the fish that congregate around the roots of the mangrove include the snook, the mangrove snapper, flounder and redfish. The branches of the mangrove trees provide shelter and roosts for magnificent birds such as the herons and egrets.

As mentioned already, the Gulf Coast of Florida is a magnificent place to go if you want to get the feel of the tropics, whilst also getting up close and personal with nature. Since mangroves occupy a large area of the coastline,